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[2022.08.04(목)] AI산업세미나 개최 안내
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  • Date 2022-07-26 14:11:46
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대학원 인공지능학과 & 4단계 BK21 Ajou DREAM 인공지능 혁신인재 양성사업단에서는
AI산업세미나를 8월 4일(목) 오후 4시에 개최하고자 합니다.
관심있으시면 많은 참석 부탁드립니다.

▶ 주제: "DAOS: Data Access-aware Operating System"
▶ 일시: 2022년 8월 4일(목) 오후 4시
▶ 강연자: SeongJae Park, Kernel Development Engineer at Amazon
▶ 장소: 팔달관 407호

▶ Abstract
In data-intensive workloads, data placement and memory management are inherently difficult: the programmer and the operating system have to choose between (combinations of) DRAM and storage, replacement policies, as well as paging sizes. Efficient memory management is based on fine-grained data access patterns driving placement decisions. Current solutions in this space cannot be applied to general workloads and production systems due to either unrealistic assumptions or prohibitive monitoring overheads.

To overcome these issues, we introduce DAOS an open-source system for general data access-aware memory management. DAOS provides a data access monitoring framework that utilizes practical best-effort trade-offs between overhead and accuracy. The memory management engine of DAOS allows users to implement their access-aware management with no code, just simple configuration schemes. For system administrators, DAOS provides a runtime system that auto-tunes the schemes for user-defined objectives in a finite time. We evaluated DAOS on commercial service production systems as well as state-of-the-art benchmarks. DAOS achieves up to 12% performance improvement and 91% memory saving. DAOS is upstreamed and available in the Linux kernel.

SeongJae Park is a Linux kernel programmer who maintains the data access monitoring framework of the Linux kernel called DAMON. Using itas a core component, he is developing data access-aware Linux systemsfor AWS. He fundamentally loves to analyze and develop systems. Specifically, his interests include operating system kernels, parallel computing, and memory management. He received a PhD in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University in 2019.

☎ Host: 소프트웨어융합대학 소트트웨어학과 안정섭 교수(



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