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1. Educational Goals
01 교육목표 01 교육목표 01 교육목표
2. Degree Programs
Programs Graduation Requirement Major Subjects Research Subjects
Master Programs 30 credits 24 credits 6 credits
PhD. Programs 45 credits 30 credits 15 credits
Integrated Master & PhD Programs 63 credits 48 credits 15 credits
3. AdmissionsTest
Programs Test Subjects Remarks
Major 1 Major 2
Master's Degree

Theory and Applications of Reinforcement Learning,

Advanced machine learning,

Advanced Topics in Machine Learning 1, 2

Advanced Database

Data Statistics

Distributed and Parallel Programming

Advanced Algorithm

Advanced Operating System

Technology Intelligence

Information Retrieval

Advanced Information Protection

Advanced Computer Vision

Advanced Human-Computer Interaction

PhD's Degree
Integrated MS-PhD Degrees

* Eligibility: All candidates must complete a minimum of 18 credits in major subjects and obtain a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

* Acceptance: Candidates must obtain a minimum of 60 points in each test subject of the respective degree program: Those who are not offered admission are welcome to apply again in a future application year.

4. Ajou GRIP Deep-Connecting System
04커넥팅시스템 04커넥팅시스템 04커넥팅시스템